Homeopathy and Energy Healing In Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Kirst Clarke LHC, MARH

Reiki Healing. male chakra

Energy Healing


REIKI is a natural healing energy that is passed from an attuned healer to the persons body. Healing on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Reiki is used for an extremely wide range of conditions.
Some common issues that people may choose to see a reiki healer :

  • pain management
  • mental health conditions
  • stress and anxiety
  • emotional states such as shock and grief
  • sleep issues
  • general low vitality

    The list is by no means exhaustive. Some people choose reiki as a way of ensuring time for themselves; time to relax and look after their entire physical and emotional well-being, whether it be to cope with day to day stresses or major life crisis.

    Sensations may be felt, as the energy flows. Warmth or tingling in the area can also be felt.

    Reiki can work with our chakra points. Energy points linked to our mental and physical well being. Reiki can work to balance and clear these chakras.

    Reiki is incredibly gentle and as such can be used by anyone. Babies, children, the elderly, pregnant women and very sick people.

    Reiki will not override the action of medical interventions but rather support the patient while he/she goes through them, restoring balance in the body, mind and spirit to the best degree possible.

    " I'm passionate about delivering the healing powers of reiki. The healing is both intelligent; refreshing and energising for those who need a lift and relaxing and balancing those who are in need of a rest. "

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